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Flat Stanley in the USA

One spring day, four Flat Stanleys named Austyn, Mandi, Tuukka, and AS came to visit Sunset Elementary School in Craig, Colorado. A.S. was from Beirut, Lebanon; Mandi was from Johannesburg, South Africa; Tuukka was from Oulu, Finland; and Austyn was from Queensland, Australia. Mrs. Arnett's class showed them around the school.


First, the class took them to the gym. They found basketballs and sat on them. Then they rolled off. They met Mrs. McCormick. She bent down and shook their hands.


Then they ran out of the gym and visited the office. Mandi said, "Let's jump on this giant thing that has numbers on it!"


"Yeah!" they all said. They jumped on the thing and it rang.
"Oh, oh!" said Austyn. "I think we just jumped on a telephone!!!"
Then someone on the other end said "Hello, who's there?" Luckily, AS got so scared that he jumped on the END button and stopped the call.
"Whew!" said all the Stanleys together. Then Mrs. Gilchrist, the secretary walked in with the principal, Mrs. Hafey.
"Hello," said Mrs. Gilchrist.IMG_0134.jpg

"Hello," said the principal. IMG_0135.jpg
"I want to play music!!!" shouted Tuukka. So off they went to the music room.
"Let's play the pianos," said Mandi. So they all jumped on a piano and started playing.

They heard the janitor coming so they slipped under the door that led out of the room just in time. They wanted to read a book, so they trotted off to the library. They sat on cushions and read a book.

Then they decided it was time to go home, so they walked back to Mrs. Arnett's room. They said goodbye to the other Stanleys, jumped in the portal, and whooshed off to home! A.S. wanted to go to Beirut, Lebanon; Mandi wanted to go to Johannesburg, South Africa; Tuukka wanted to go to Oulu, Finland; and Austyn wanted to go to Queensland, Australia.

Instead of traveling home, the Stanleys were off on an adventure they did not expect!

First, they ended up on what looked like a cliff.

"Where are we?" asked Tuukka.
"Don't know!" said A.S.
"Are we on a cliff?" asked Mandi.
They all turned around and there was running water! "We're stuck!" said Austyn.
"Don't be silly," said Tuukka. "We're at Niagra Falls. I learned about it at school in 4th grade."
"It's part of the border of the USA and Canada," said Mandi.
"Cool!" said A.S. "Hey, there is a hole in the water!"
Then, they all jumped through the hole. "Wheeeeee!!!!!!" they all said together. Thump! They landed on a rock. There was a path of rock to the side. They took the path. Next, they climbed the steep climb to the top of the side.

"Whoa!!!!!" said A.S.
"I've never seen so many people," said Austyn.
"Awesome!" said Tuukka.
"Let's get going," said Mandi.
"Yeah," said A.S. So they all climbed back down and hopped on the rock path, jumped back in the hole.
Poof! They were gone!

Next they popped out of a new portal. They walked toward the light because they thought they were in a cave.They walked more and more until they were at the edge. Tuukka said, "I wonder where we are?"
A.S. said, "Search me."
Mandi said, "Do you know, Austyn?"
Austyn said, "I have no idea. Let's look around."


Tuukka looked to the left. He saw three big faces. Austyn looked down. Mandi looked right and A.S. looked up. They all said together, "We are a long way from home!"
Tuukka said, "We must be at Mt. Rushmore. I learned about it in geography. It is a famous place where US Presidents are carved into rocks on a mountain. Going left, first is George Washington (we are in his eye right now). Next comes Thomas Jefferson, then Theodore Roosevelt, and last of all Abraham Lincoln. We are in South Dakota.
Then it started getting windy and they blew out of George Washington's right eye. But since they were made out of paper they landed gently on the gravel.


They looked everywhere for stairs back to the portal. They finally gave up and rented some mountain climbing gear. It was a little big but it worked. They went to George Washington's right eye. They said, "It is beautiful here." They started walking to the back of the eye and...

They found themselves on what seemed to be a statue. It looked like a lady holding a torch.

The statue was on an island and was surrounded by water. They all said, "We better be careful. If we fall we will tear. Hey does anyone know where we are?"
"Beats me," said Austyn.
"I have no idea," said A.S.
""All I know is this is not my home," said Mandi.
Tuukka said, "I think that this is the Statue of Liberty. I learned about it in science. Now I know where we are. We are in New York City! The Statue of Liberty is make of copper so it won't break. It is a famous symbol of freedom."


"Let's get back in the portal and go home".... but....

They suddenly found themselves on a high water spout with people watching.


Tuukka said, "It is hot!"
Mandi said, "We will be ruined from the water."
Austyn said, "This water is too hot for me!"
A.S. said, "This is Old Faithful, a geyser in Yellowstone National Park. It is in Wyoming."
They all said together, "We better get out of this water soon!" But the geyser finally stopped and they got off.
"Well that was a wild ride!" said Tuukka.
"You are right!" said the others. Everywhere they looked they saw steam coming from the ground and they saw elk, moose, buffalo, brown bears, and much more. A grizzly bear saw them and thought they looked like a tasty snack.


So he started running toward them. They ran everywhere. Finally they ran by the Old Faithful geyser prediction sign. It said it will go off in 2 minutes. They ran there and just got there on time....

They suddenly found themselves popping out of the portal on a white ledge. "Are we on a cliff ledge?" asked Tuukka.


"Not a clue," Mandi said.
"Oooh, I know where we are," yelled A.S. "We are at the White House! The White House is home to the President of the United States. His name is Barack Obama. The first president was named George Washington. He never lived in the White House. The White House is in Washington, D.C.
"Wow, A.S." said Austyn.
"My pleasure," said A.S.
Then it started raining. "Whoo Hoo!! said Tuukka. He jumped from the White House Windowsill. "Come! Come! Come!" yelled Tuukka again.
All the Stanleys jumped down. "Let's go meet the President!" they all said together. So they all floated down to the front door. They slipped under the door and inside.
"Wow," said Mandi.
"There is the President!" said Austyn.
"Hello, little guys," said the President.
"Hey, I'm a girl here!" yelled Mandi.
"Oh, sorry, where did you guys and girl come from?" asked the President.
"The windowsill by the front door on the left!" A.S. shouted. "We are trying to get home!"
"But first do you want to see some of our monuments?" asked the President.
They all said together,"Yes, please!"
"Alright, let's go," said the President. So they jumped into the President's private car and zoomed off to a monument.
"Let's to to the Martin Luther King monument," called Tuukka.
"What's that?" asked all the other Stanleys.
"They made a monument for him because he helped make peace between the black people and the white people so everyone could be treated equally."
"Cool," said Mandi.

"Oh, no," said A.S. "It's raining again."
"Can we get out of the rain now," the President said, "My suit is getting quite wet!"
"Sure, let's go" So they got in the President's car and drove to another monument.
"Lincoln Memorial coming right up!" They got to the Lincoln Memorial.
"Ah, there's shelter!" The Stanleys jumped onto the memorial. "Wow!"


"Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States," said Mandi.
"Great job, Manny," said the President. My name is Mandi, M-A-N-D-I," said Mandi.
"Oh, sorry," said the President. "I'm just getting to know your names.
"I want to go to a spaceship!!!" said Austyn.
"Well we can go to a monument that looks like a spaceship," said the President.
"Well, let's go," said A.S. So they drove to the Washington monument.
"What's that?" asked Tuukka.
"It's the Washington Monument," said Austyn.
"It was built to honor George Washington,the first president of the United States!" Austyn declared.
"Cool," said A.S.
"We've seen enough for one day. Let's go home," said a tired Tuukka.
So the President brought them to the White House windowsill. "Thank you again," Tuukka said back at the White House. "Let's go."
"Remember what happened when we all just jumped in the portal at the same time in the past?" asked A.S.
Finally after many wild adventures, Austyn had an idea. "Maybe we should go one at a time."
"It is worth a try," they all said.
So Austyn said, "Since I thought of it, I'm going first." So he went in the windowsill portal. He disappeared.
The others looked on the windowsill and they saw a letter that said, "I am home, you will be too if you do it the same as I did all by yourself."
So one by one, they were off. They were so happy to see their families.
After many wild adventures around the United States, A.S. got to Beirut, Lebanon. Mandi got to Johannesburg, South Africa. Tuukka got to Oulu, Finland, and Austyn got to Queensland, Australia.

And somewhere in the middle of their travels, they passed a very tired but happy S.P. Stanley on his way home to Sunset Elementary School in Craig, Colorado, where students were waiting to hear about his adventures in faraway places as well.....