Step 1:
Go to:
Download and print the flat stanleys of your choice. Have each student in your class decorate one. The class will select one to be scanned and emailed to the other classrooms. It should be holding a flag of your country.

Step 2:
Make a Skype Video message to send to the other classrooms, introducing your class and your flat stanley to everyone.

Step 3:
Once you have received all of the stanleys, print them out in color so they can "appear" in your classroom!

Our Flat Stanley is ready to travel! We will be putting him in our travel portal tomorrow!

SP Stanley goes into our classroom portal to travel to visit our friends! Let us know when he arrives!

Here are some pictures of the St Mary's girls creating their Flat Stanley's. Because we follow a Reggio approach we have not used templates. The girls have created their own.

finland stanley.jpg
Our Stanley in Finland ready to travel from his window portal! His name is Tuukka! See you all soon!

A.S. Stanley- Makassed KBWH College- Lebanon

Makassed KBWH College school ship... our ship portal

Austyn Stanley from Michaela in Australia!

11123028_880143888716130_582997057_n.jpg 11121674_880144392049413_1291389872_n.jpg

Austyn is on his way to travel the world!!!

11160485_880144842049368_2008770374_n.jpg 11154063_880144325382753_2064231556_o.jpg